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Why Clearinity Doesn’t Do White Labeled Services

Writing this article was not fun. We much prefer thought-provoking and educational articles. However, we have realized that we need to explain why we just won’t do white-labeled services. 

We find many of our accounting friends in a panic to fix their client’s books, and they may recognize it is an inventory problem. They know we have the answers to their client’s situation, so they come to us. What many fail to understand is that we can’t, in good conscience, help without the client investing in the Clearinity Process. 

So when we tell you sorry, we don’t do that, just know it’s not you, it’s us.

We hope you understand that it is not ego-driven, and we are not merely trying to protect our reputation. Instead, it’s all the work we do with our clients before we go in and can fix the problem.  We dive into their people, processes, and technology to gain the knowledge we need to correct the problem. Without that knowledge, our approach doesn’t work.

We are both the diagnostic tools and the mechanic. 

Just like a mechanic would use a diagnostic tool and then fix your car, Clearinity knows how to assess ecommerce business’ issues and then solve them. For that reason, we can’t white label our services. We want to be both responsible and accountable for our work with clients.

We work with our clients to dive deep into the operational issues at hand. We also explore the layers of complexity in tech stacks and workflows in our Discovery process. This process allows for maximum transparency to the issues at hand. We know that accounting issues typically begin with operational problems,  and we know that from working with over 350 ecommerce companies. 

By trusting the experts, you save time in the long run and experience fewer headaches with the client in the future as they sort through their operations. 

Speaking of trusting the experts, we have done this a time or two. Even we don’t know what we don’t know.

We want our clients to understand the gravity of the changes.

We need our clients to understand the gravity of the changes they are making to their business by implementing an inventory management system. We know from experience that if a client doesn’t recognize and accept the more extensive changes that need to occur and “just want to fix their inventory,” they will end up with a host of other problems later. Many of which were avoidable.

We help our clients directly with hands-on, personalized training. We allow them to work with us to document all the new workflows and system changes. They will understand what they need to do to make these changes successfully. 

Plus, it is a significant investment. We want our clients to feel supported in that investment. We want them to feel empowered by the transformations and training. Our clients are prepared for continued success in the business after they complete our process. 

We don’t want to play telephone, neither do you.

Lastly, because this is a significant investment for the client, there are often heightened emotions, tons of questions, and unique dynamics at play during implementation. Therefore, we don’t want you to have to play telephone for your client with us. We handle people as well as processes and technologies. 

When we play telephone, it creates more room for error and misunderstanding. 

So what can we do? 

You might be wondering what we can do then? Just send the client over to Clearinity

Well, yes, you can. One of the most creative ways we’ve seen this executed is for the trusted advisor company (accounting firm, etc.) to pay for Step 1 – Discovery to demonstrate the value and the commitment to the relationship. Then, the client understood the importance and took on the expense of Steps 2 – 4. 

We want your client to go through our dedicated and personalized 4-Step Clearinity Process, but we also want you to feel supported as well.

We work alongside you and your client to keep everyone on the same page. Additionally, we can support your accounting firm as referral partners. We are always looking to expand our network within the ecommerce ecosystem, and occasionally we will have clients for you too! 

Look again; it’s really not you. It’s us.

We hope you understand, and we look forward to working with you and your clients in new and inspiring ways!