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White-Glove Service: How Clearinity Delivers

White-Glove Service has recently become a trendy buzzword in many online services. The term first originated in shipping and transportation. It has since become a staple for many businesses. Unfortunately, there is a lot of misunderstanding as to what white glove services actually are outside of the traditional meaning. 

Here at Clearinity, we pride ourselves on our white-glove service as a means to deliver a superior experience to our clients. When we use this term we want you to know what we mean. 

What is White Glove Service

When many hear the term “White glove service” they think of bellhops at Park Plaza Hotel in New York City, limousine drivers with white gloves, and butlers in Paris. It is also often equated to “luxury”. Although originated for the transportation industry, the term has become a marketing hot button phrase with many companies claiming they offer this level of service but don’t care to explain how they do so.

It’s important to understand the true definition. Defined by Merriam Webster Dictionary, White-glove is “marked by special care or attention” pretty vague and open to interpretation so it is no wonder for some companies “white glove service” is just a marketing material catchphrase while for other companies white-glove service is the backbone to their companies operations. 

White-Glove Service really has elevated its appearance in reference to service-based industries and now can be seen from ecommerce stores to marketing firms and even implementation specialists like us. This can be traced back to ecommerce’s mark on global standards. 

Customers with the Amazon wave became more and more expectant of faster delivery, better customer service, and the ability to shop whenever and however they wanted. Ecommerce has made tremendous strides in providing customers “experiences” which undoubtedly changed many other industries’ need to compete with the virtual ease ecommerce providers were giving their customers simply buying products online. 

Today white-glove service has many different ways it appears across industries, businesses, and service providers. At Clearinity, we believe white-glove service begins internally with our brand values and extends far beyond the completion of the project. 

How Clearinity Delivers 

White glove service to Clearinity means we are dedicated to providing you a supportive, informed experience. Our brand is backed by values that align with our white glove service models. We internally teach our staff to hold the expertise, humanness, and ethical leadership as a way to uphold this level of service.

We pride ourselves on the level of detail, customer service, and attentiveness you receive while working with us every step of the way. From the moment you encounter our website to the first email exchanges, white-glove service is our priority. We want to make you feel welcomed and we want to hear your questions and concerns. If you reach out to us, our emails are always answered within 24 hours. 

Our goal is to empower, educate, and engage with our ecommerce industry peers through writing relevant and valuable content that we provide for free and easy access to via our blog portal. This is just another way we take the pretentiousness out of the traditional white-glove service and replace it with a human element. We want our clients and peers to feel supported and not sold.

For us, we believe that white-glove service also means making typically stressful events less stressful. We offer payment plans that work with you and not against you because we believe your invoice should be the least stressful experience of your investment with us. Every level of our services offers a dedicated project manager so you focus on the value-driven tasks. 

Lastly, we deeply value the relationships we build with our clients. We won’t ever let you hanging after we have completed an implementation or training session with you. We offer support long after in various capacities so you can always have someone in your corner.

White-Glove Service & Inventory Management Software

White glove service is defined as a special level of attention. Throughout its epistemology white-glove service has taken on various forms and industries that want to claim they provide this level of attention but often don’t provide how they do so. 

Implementation of an IMS system is a huge change to your business organization and can create a massive strain on your team without the correct support. We hope that Clearinity’s white-glove service allows you to make an informed decision on who will carry you through that change management process.