Business Shipping

What Is Your Shipping Costing You?

Your Shipping is Losing you Money! 

Shipping has recently become a hot topic here in the United States. With many small businesses impacted by the global pandemic, we have seen many brick and mortar stores join the thousands of eCommerce sellers in marketplaces where they previously had not competed. Internet shopping has skyrocketed both in terms of sellers and shoppers. We also see political affairs affect what was once the most reliable and affordable way for an eCommerce store to transport their goods; the United States Post Office. With longer delays for customers, it affects the bottom line of millions of business owners across the country no matter where they are in their eCommerce maturity.

But shipping isn’t something we should just be concerned about now; in fact, its something that has shown lasting effects to business processes for quite a while. 

In a world that is getting faster and more advanced, ecommerce customers expect businesses to fulfill their orders in less time than ever before in history. Most customers want to receive their orders within two days. But when nearly 60% of online stores have seen a massive hit to their shipping practices, how do you continue to have a leg up on the market and give your customers the best shopping experience?

Shipping software is how. 

What Is Shipping Software?

Shipping software allows the vendor to present shipping information on their websites to the consumers providing shipping updates in real-time and geolocation tracking of the customer’s package. Besides the front-end features that shipping software provides for consumers, shipping software should provide the vendor with shipping optimization, automation, and efficient delivery management such as rate tracking, geolocation, and bundling. 

Shipping Matters to the Customer

Shipping matters to the customers in a world full of instant gratification. With Amazon leading the race of the next day, free shipping for those on their prime plans, e-commerce companies MUST keep up. When married with the shipping delays we are seeing, we must provide the customers with full transparency to shipping their orders. The shipping is the last thing the customer encounters before receiving your product. We know that excellent customer experience will inevitably overtake the product’s price or even the product as a key brand differentiator in the near future. So, by providing the last great customer experience before purchasing by offering transparency, predictive shipping pricing, and bundling shipping prices, you can really set yourself apart from the competition.

Better Shipping Means Better Profit

At the end of the customer’s shopping experience, the last thing they encounter is the shipping cost when checking out. Imagine it as the last memory of your store. Do you want to provide them with a memory of feeling frustrated and surprised, or would you rather leave them happy and excited? We are going to guess the latter of these two. The positive experience with your shipping will make them loyal customers. In addition to loyalty, a recent study has shown that 49% of customers are more likely to make impulsive purchases after a great experience. That means higher order values. 

Better shipping also means that you, the business owner, are more likely to lower your shipping costs because of the order volumes

Finding solutions for Amazon, USPS, and beyond

Let’s talk about the big competition in the world of shipping and supply chain management. Amazon and all the other big guys offer free next day shipping, 2-day shipping guarantees, and a bunch of what would generally seem as impossible offers. How do you, as a smaller business, compete against this?  By providing easy to navigate shopping carts, transparency on timing and price, and free shipping when the customer purchases larger quantities. Inventory Management Software aims to help you with these feats of the customer experience and your supply chain process without taking percentages of your profits or losing business controls like Amazon FBA offers. Shipping software should make your life easier, more financially abundant, and provide better customer service as you are also more likely to be able to answer questions and track discrepancies.