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The Pain of Black Friday & Cyber Monday

The Pain of Black Friday And Cyber Monday 

Are you feeling overwhelmed with your data and inventory after the holidays? 

We hear you.  

Winding down from the holidays always brings the realization that some things could have been less stressful if you had made changes before the holidays. 

As we all faced our fair share of challenges this year (everyone needs a pat on the back for making it out alive), many realize that the work isn’t over yet. Ecommerce will only continue to grow, which means e-commerce business owners will face challenges regardless of a pandemic. Now is the time to get ahead and start finding solutions so you can continue to scale and ease into next year’s holiday season a little more “together” than this past year. 

Want the three most effective solutions to the challenges you may have encountered last year? We’ve got you covered. 

The Challenges

  1. You ran out of space. 

Maybe your warehouse looked like a teenager’s closet – too much old inventory laying around and no room for the new stock, so everything ended up everywhere. Perhaps you were one of the unfortunate ones who got booted from having holiday inventory space in an Amazon warehouse. Either way, the poor lack of planning for the extra holiday inventory meant processes went out the window. Some product was damaged, damage which was preventable if correctly warehoused. Your employee satisfaction levels went down as their stress levels rose from the lack of process. You might have experienced more customer satisfaction issues as well due to these issues. 

  1. You ran out of time.

If you found yourself saying, “Wait, it was just August last month” in November. You might have had some timing issues on your hand. You ran out of time to properly promote, properly train, or even properly go through your finances from last year to predict this year because you were too busy. You were caught up in daily tasks leaving you no time to strategize for the holidays.

  1. You ran out of employees who could do the job. 

Pandemic or not, finding and scheduling reliable employee’s around the holidays can often be challenging. Did you recognize that you had a few staff members who just couldn’t “hop” right in this year? More than likely, they weren’t adequately cross-trained, which left you panicking to fill a role.

The solution – Inventory management software systems.

If any of the above three challenges rang true for you, then it’s time to start planning to implement an inventory management software system this year. Not only do you save time, reduce stress, and keep employees happy, but you also save money. 

If you are new to all of this, check out “ Benefits of an Inventory Management Software System.” But If you have been around a little while, you know inventory management software can provide cross-departmental benefits. Another benefit not mentioned very often is how an inventory management system can save you money. 

Because these systems are cloud-based and allow cross-department transparency, it can empower your team to make smarter business decisions. You are ultimately empowering them to take more ownership of their role, which gives you more time to focus on the more significant tasks that require your expertise. 

An inventory management system also allows you to make critical decisions around processes that can save your team time and ultimately enable you to scale your order load efficiently.  

Perhaps you are looking to reduce your headaches this year, take steps to lock in success in a competitive market, and want to ensure your business can grow sustainably in this rapidly changing world. In that case, we recommend chatting with one of our Discovery team members today!