Clearinity E-Commerce Maturity Assessment  Stages 1-7

Welcome to Clearinity! The information on this page is best used after you have taken our E-Commerce Maturity Assessment. 

This is a unique-to-us assessment that helps acknowledge all the moving parts in your business. We evaluate things such as gross revenue, business intel, age of business, sales, and procurement to name a few. We then synthesize it into a single number that reflects what stage of business growth you are in.

It is important for you and the Clearinity team to understand what stage of business you are in, as it guides your problems, the potential solutions, and the emotional tone. In this article we will define the stages, the solutions Clearinity can offer, and what opportunities you may be missing out on without utilizing us.

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Stage 1

Common Problems: Decision Fatigue, Prioritization of work, “You don’t know what you don’t know”, you may even be a baby business who hasn’t hit their first pothole.

Clearinity Solutions: Education! We offer courses on business basics, effective spreadsheets, and what to put first on your to-do list. Learn from the best in the industry and get your business started off on the right foot.

Cost of Opportunity: Without us, you will end up paying more money and spending more time on unsustainable solutions

Stage 2

Common Problems: Funds are tight, you have attempted some prioritization and inventory solutions but none have “stuck”- in fact, you feel STUCK. At this stage, you may still have the mindset that this business can operate as your secondary income.

Clearinity Solutions: Leadership Courses mixed with our Business Fundamentals helps guide you to unlearn the negative habits that may be holding you back while promoting positive business habits. We assist you with navigating what best next steps are for your business

Cost Of Opportunity: You may end up losing the business altogether by getting stuck at this stage. If you aren’t losing your business, you are losing your sanity day by day

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Stage 3

Common Problems: You recognize this is not just your secondary job and requires a lot more time and effort these days. You may be able to start seeing the holes in your business processes. You oscillate between overestimating and underestimating in many areas of your business. Sadly, at the end of the day, your hair just feels like it's on fire.

Clearinity Solutions: We help you find your sanity and the RIGHT solution this time. We walk you through our entire process. We help you with building business and leadership skills while implementing a long-lasting inventory solution. With knowledge from the top leading professionals, you will off-board from Clearinity with a set of resources and tools to keep your business growing.

Cost Of Opportunity: You will continue to invest both time and money into poor solutions drawing you further away from effectively growing your business

Stage 4

Common Problems: You sorted out your prioritization but you still have some inventory management problems. You are finally able to consider investing in your first or second Inventory Management System and a team to help you run it all.

Clearinity Solutions: We help you sift through the processes you have already built, take a deep look at what is working and what is not. We then help you select the RIGHT Inventory Management System for you and your business. At the end of implementation, we help promote healthy business processes, work with you on leadership skills, and teach you how to communicate effectively with your team

Cost Of Opportunity: Without Clearinity you may notice you still have customer service issues, you are still losing time to invest in other parts of your business and you are spending a lot of money on a system you “guessed” would work

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Stage 5

Common Problems: At this stage, you have mastered multiple sales channels, but may lack some of the integration that really ties it togetherYou may have a team or several teams established but no overarching structure to unite them. Operations are a lot more complex than you originally thought or started with. Lastly, you are starting to consider your time vs money investment.

Clearinity Solutions: We do what we do best- selecting and implementing the perfect inventory management solution for your business needs. We then do the heavy lifting for you and your team by implementing it. Don’t worry, after implementation, we will show you how it all works. We will help you write SOPs and communicate new standards to your team. You will leave with resources and a business relationship that will last a lifetime.

Cost of Opportunity: Continuous-time hiring and rehiring team members to get a single job done and you may become stagnant in growth

Stage 6

Common Problems: Cloud Inventory has failed you before but you may not have the funds to invest in a full ERP solution. At this stage, you have a mature team and are really seeking the right business relationships as well as the right solution.

Clearinity Solutions: We can offer a selection of technologies that allow for the ultimate growth of your company while being cost-effective.

Cost of Opportunity: You will continue to bleed money, your team will never reach their full potential because they are still operating as a dynamic team with no true standard processes.

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Stage 7

Common Problems: You actually need an ERP. Your business now requires a system that offers full integration with high levels of customization. You may have outgrown all of Clearinity’s inventory management system solutions

Clearinity Solutions: After evaluating your business needs and wants we help connect you to the right partners to implement the right system as well as offer a plethora of resources around leadership, accounting, and documentation.

Cost of Opportunity: Without us you will not have the insurance that the ERP or Inventory Management System will work for you.