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You are overwhelmed, overbooked, and ready to take a vacation. You feel like you’re struggling to keep up with accounting, inventory, and staff. We get it.

That's why we created the Clearinity Process.

We help you navigate the stress of owning an ecommerce business through inventory management and operations optimization.

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Our four step process includes:


Technology Selection


Support / Documentation

We ensure 100% transparency for our clients throughout our services.

Envision your Business as a Home

Clients come to us looking for ways to improve their “home.” 

We love to explain this process through the analogy of building a house upon solid ground.

Most people don’t have the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to build a home. Homeowners are often unaware of all the elements needed to design a home that will endure the test of time. They simply don’t have the knowledge and skills needed to test the ground and pour the foundation.

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Like your business, your house requires knowledge of many intricacies that ensure it’s both structurally sound and fully functional. It requires special tools and the mastery of those tools. The structural pieces such as a foundation, roofing, and plumbing, are represented in a business as operations.

Before you can begin even pouring the foundation and framing the house, you have to hire an architect. This architect evaluates your chosen building location and designs a blueprint that will be the strategy guide for everyone involved in the building of your home.

Here at Clearinity, we are the architects. We provide expert knowledge and innovative tools to assist in a seamless business “build.”  When a building is complete, we ensure your new home is sustainable.


How do you Build A House?

At Clearinity, we start at the foundation.

The goal of building a house is similar to the goal you have for your business. You want both your home and business to support your lifestyle and provide security for you and your family.

Not everyone has an understanding of architecture and design. Builders are hired to plan for the foundation, carpentry, masonry, electricity, plumbing, and dozens of other specialty processes.

All builders know that a house must be built upon solid ground. Similarly, there is a need to  ensure that your eCommerce business is built upon a solid foundation as well. Do you know how to determine whether the foundation for your business is being laid upon solid ground, or whether you’re unknowingly building it upon sand?

Those who mistakenly choose to build on sand don’t choose to do so based on a full understanding of the process. Instead, they are assuming that they can build a house without the help of the experts. The reality of this situation is that building on sand will never allow for a stable home. The scary part is that you could be building on sand and not realize it!

The average person simply doesn’t have the knowledge, the tools or the skills to build an entire home on their own. They may succeed with some parts, but a house built upon the sand will inevitably collapse. This is why our discovery process is so important.

At Clearinity, we start at the foundation. We evaluate your vision for your “home” so we know whether you’re planning to build on sand or solid rock.  We are the architects that create a blueprint for your home. We are the carpenters that frame your walls and roof.  We are the masons who pour a foundation and build your walls. We integrate the plumbing and electrical elements so that your house is fully functional and sustainable.

We know that building a home is difficult.

We make this process painless through our discovery process and high-touch approach.

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We Start with Discovery

How much is this going to cost? 

Choosing where to build your house is a challenge. You will inevitably run into numerous problems. There are so many intricate details to consider before even breaking ground to ensure your home is stable and secure. One must analyze and survey the type of earth they are working with, the density of the soil, the depth of the water table, the ability to create a septic tank or connect to city water, and the proximity to the neighbors.

Do you have all the permits you need for these elements? Do you know if you need a permit?

Then there’s the ever-looming question of, “How much is this going to cost?”

Every client is different, and every business has different needs. As such, all of our clients go through a process to determine these specific needs before being provided with a custom proposal and price quote.


Before you build a new home, you have a discovery processYou and the architect determine what the house will require and its costs. You may have ideas for the design and the functionality you want, but without a team of professionals to help you, the house might not pass inspection. Without the experts, your “dream home” could look nothing like what you imagined.

Without proper planning and the correct system, you could run out of money before the house is completed. You might even buy land that isn’t suitable to support the home you’d like to build. You need expert insight to avoid these pitfalls and ensure your money is spent optimally.

Similarly, your inventory management system requires large amounts of preparation before being built. Clearinity uses the discovery process to survey your business and dig deep into your business’s foundation. We learn about your business systems and identify potential problem issues.

Clearinity’s discovery process allows us to establish cost and estimate the time it will take to implement a unique system for your business. We analyze the available platforms and inventory management systems to discover the best choice for your business. We then give you live walkthroughs of our recommendations using your data to help you make the best choice within your budget.


Let’s Discuss Technology Selection

The discovery step allows the builder and homeowner to create a sustainable home.

After the architect gathers all the information they need to create a blueprint, they often present live model options. These live models showcase a variety of exterior and interior preferences based on resources available. Thus you’re able to evaluate your options and make adjustments before building begins.

Likewise, our technology selection step is a live demonstration of your company’s data put into various inventory management systems. Seeing how your data works on a specific platform allows you to explore and visualize your unique system. You will see how each platform works for your company's needs.

Our team chooses these inventory management software systems based on the information gathered during the discovery process. Once a system is selected, we begin implementation.

Getting Ready for Implementation

Once a decision is made on the house location and design, the build begins. 

The homeowners are staying in close contact with the builders to help provide the resources the builders need. However, they are generally not involved in the construction itself. They’re given walkthroughs to approve each stage of development and frequent updates on the expected completion date.

At this point, the builder begins to understand any issues that could change the estimated timeline for completion of the project. Building a home is always challenging, but is always successful with the right team of experts.

Clearinity’s implementation step is much like leaving the contractors and builders to do their job while you watch and learn about how everything is integrated. It is a time of transition and trust. We provide our clients with detailed walk-throughs and support. We also engage and train your team to help us build faster and with more accuracy.


Clearinity Provides Documentation & Support

Clearinity has you covered when you need additional documentation and support.

After the builders complete the home, they stay in close contact to show the homeowners all the features of their new house and to answer any questions. They consult with the homeowner about any necessary changes to the home.

The builders are readily available for a few weeks after completion of the build to make sure any changes or repairs are quickly remedied. They are available to answer any questions about the future of the home and other potential future projects.

Much like handing off a new house, Clearinity's specialists will be around for a few weeks to ensure complete and successful training. Our goal is that your team has the knowledge to meet the daily, weekly, and monthly requirements of keeping inventory on track. 

Clearinity is always available to you to provide additional documentation, extra training, custom reports, custom software development, and any other forms of support when needed.

Clearinity is your Partner for Successful Growth

Our goal in providing this analogy is to illustrate our unique system at Clearinity. 

Clearinity understands the importance of seeing your house built from start to finish. We also understand the complexity of building a house with limited resources.

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We work with an amazing ecosystem of accountants geared towards your success, and our goal is to empower them too. We'll build you a house that's cost-effective and helps you improve your accounting. When we complete The Clearinity Process with your team, your accountants can do their job better.

We're here to provide the most guaranteed path to a successful business, and it all comes together when your Operations team gets the guidance from Clearinity that’s vital toward being a success. 

You’ll see everything in your business improve;  your marketing efforts,  your accounting, even your daily stress levels. That means no more going out of stock mid-sale.

No more wondering how you’re losing money.  

No more surprises.

Trust Clearinity. 

A foundation built by Clearinity is one on which you can confidently scale and grow your eCommerce business.

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