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Scale Your Ecommerce Business 2022

About 30% of all businesses fail within their first three years in the industry. What’s even more shocking – only 50% of businesses make it through their fifth year.

For business owners like you, this statistic can seem very frightening. But if there was something that can guarantee you success in the field, what price are you willing to pay?

Growth and sustainability is the number 1 thing that outweighs the price tag for many companies. It doesn’t even matter if it comes with a parting of equity. 

In the last six years, there has been a noticeable skyrocket in interest for accelerator and incubator programs. A part of the reason is due to the promise it holds – the promise of success and sustainability.

Both programs commit to providing:

  • Attractive investment returns
  • Mentorship from industry experts
  • Loans

Incubator and accelerator programs’ opportunity to scale a business owner’s company quickly and with guidance is alluring.Our team at Clearinity knows the value that dedicated support and accelerated growth can provide for a small business owner. That’s why we have committed to providing business owners a guide to success without the risk of some of these programs.

In the last five years, we have taken some of the best parts of these programs and ditched the parts that didn’t work for so many business owners. 

Today, we are excited to share these program evolutions, how they have impacted Clearinity’s service models and how you can leverage Clearinity’s team to receive the promising results of these programs.

What Is An Accelerator Program? 

Accelerator programs pop up fast around the globe. These programs offer a strong lineup of businesses for high-profile investors. 

Although these programs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, a standard accelerator program embodies these unique qualities:

  • Detailed application process
  • Focuses on small teams and not just single founders or team members
  • Provides cohorts with similar business maturity teams to receive peer feedback
  • Members of accelerator programs pay fees in exchange for equity
  • The central focus is on start-ups

What Is An Incubator Program?

In contrast to accelerator programs, incubator programs are older models. It’s not a secret how these programs weren’t always favored by many.

Back in 2001, investor of Google and Amazon John Booster even gave this program a nickname. He called it “incinerators” due to the program’s ability to fold businesses from high-interest loans and unsupportive mentors.

Although incubator programs have made a comeback to regain popularity, incubator programs are still different from accelerator programs. 

The distinct qualities of incubator programs include:

  • Mentorship and consulting from a panel of experts
  • Provides companies loan with a set of repayment periods which typically has a high-interest or equity stake
  • Includes a resource list of services where the program still needs to grow
  • Talent marching to fill the roles
  • Most of the business who accepts this program have a high growth rate

Clearinity’s Commitment To Business Growth

Our team at Clearinity just recently celebrated our 5th anniversary. In the last 5 years, we have had the pleasure of assisting around 400 ecommerce companies to scale and evolve in the industry. 

We are humbled to help a lot of household brands and small startups solve their inventory problems and operational hurdles. Along the years of helping diverse brands, we have seen that our service goes beyond white glove. We are happy to create unique experiences for many clients.

Our goal at Clearinity is to educate, mentor, and provide technical training to our teams. We aim to help people uplevel their business operations and excel in the competitive ecommerce market. Many companies who come to us not only invest a piece of their technology but also the success of their business.

Our roots start from a single consultant business. At present, we are growing with several consultants and highly-skilled technicians. Until this day, we continue to specialize and focus on cloud inventory implementation.

The services we provide go beyond operations. We also cover marketing, leadership, technical training, optimization, and network connections. Our four-step change management process allowed us to craft an accelerator and incubator program without the need for a high-pressure sales environment. 

Start To Scale With Ease

Scalable solutions and programs are everywhere. Today, sales people are ready to pitch you SaaS products and accelerator programs that promise to triple your bottom line.

Here’s what most people fail to realize – technology implementation has implications for every user. Aside from that, it also has implications for business workflows. The best way to align your team and scale your business is through the change management process. 

We’re happy to let you know that we’re here to help. Let us connect you to the right tools and people to make your dreams of growing your business come true.