finding resilience in change

Scale Smoothly – Find Resistance & Resilience in Business

Resistance & Resilience in Business

What if you could master your personal and organizational resistance to change while building a resilient and scalable business? 

Sound intimidating? It doesn’t have to be.

If we look at the world around us, we can see ecosystems that adapt to enormous amounts of change and then bounce back. In nature, both resistance and resilience determine an ecosystem’s ability to be stable and sustainable. Likewise, your business will also experience times of enormous change; and just as the natural ecosystem’s determination to survive is based on patterns of resistance and resilience, so is your business. 

Here at Clearinity, we aid in many ecommerce businesses’ most considerable change. We implement new systems and overhaul processes while intentionally training and diving deep with leadership to make it the most successful transformation for the company. Because of this, we also know precisely how to master your resistance while building resilience in your business concurrently. 

What is resistance & How do we approach it? 

Merriam Webster’s Dictionary defines resistance as an act or instance of forceful opposition. Resistance is also the ability for an ecosystem to remain unchanged in the wake of disturbance or mass change.

As a leader, you might experience your’s or your team’s resistance in times of change in your business. That opposition to change can be rooted in wanting the ecosystem everyone has become accustomed to, remaining mostly unchanged. Often it also comes with the expectation that the problems will also miraculously resolve without looking at their distinct patterns of resilience and resistance. Organizational change can not happen without personal change, though, and so it is crucial to understand what prompts resistance and where. 

Resistance stems mostly from fear. Sometimes it is fear of conflict, fear of change in routine, or fear of believing that the possibilities outweigh the problems. We can reframe each of these fears positively, which is essential to recognize and identify in your leadership and team. 

We often experience resistance here at Clearinity when clients want to keep their old processes but implement new systems. They don’t want to leave the comfort of the techniques they know but at the same time want to change their outcomes. Here is where we provide the most valuable change management for our clients. 

When we recognize this is our client’s experience, we can help them master and understand why we can’t replicate old patterns in new systems. We gain this recognition through our extensive and in-depth discovery process. We also know how to provide a framework to build up the positive experiences in your team so they can begin to gather resilience. We handle your dirty work so that your team can continue building and reiterating internally what it’s like to adjust to the new systems and processes.

Scaling your Business means building resilience. 

Merriam Webster’s dictionary defines resilience as the ability to adjust or recover from significant change. If your team is resilient to the changes happening in your organization, then your ability to scale is more time-efficient and more effective. 

Sometimes resistance is essential, as staying in constant flux will mean your business remains unstable in some format. Therefore, it is critical how your team “bounces back” from changes and find sustainability in those moments of anticipation. 

Implementing an inventory management system is a large change to a business and organization. Working with Clearinity means that your team is not alone in dealing with resistance. It also means will be trained diligently and intentionally to handle flux’s of change and remain on the course so that they are resilient to change in the future. 

Your business must remain resilient and somewhat resistant to change so that you can continue to scale smoothly and not encounter roadblocks that derail timelines or budgets. 

Look, we know change is not easy. 

Implementing technology also means you are dealing both with your internal process changes and your team’s dynamic. That is why we provide the experience we do for our clients. Our intentional training, transformations, and the time we spend with our clients help ease what we see as one of the most considerable changes your ecommerce business can go through. 

So when we say, let the experts handle it. We mean it, let us handle the dirty work, and let us be your sounding board along the way to make the most informed decisions and graceful transitions you can while building a completely sustainable and scalable business.