Inventory Management saves time and money

IMS Implementation Timeline

Implementation TimeLine 

Implementation of an inventory management system is no easy feat. 

We have procured the most efficient and knowledgeable specialists to help our Step 3 – Implementation become less of a burden for our clients. That is not to say that step 3 does not require the work of our clients, they are engaged and hands-on in each of the steps, but it is to say that we have carefully curated the experience to maximize our time and yours.

So when we have clients that don’t fully understand or prepare themselves for the work ahead in this journey, we often can’t help feel like they shot themselves in the foot. 

We want you to have the best experience through your implementation process and working with Clearinity. We know that implementation time takes a minimum of 20 hours of contact time, and that is if everything goes smoothly and internal setbacks do not inhibit the client. From start to finish, in those 20+ hours, your team will complete data integration, training with our specialists, and documentation. 

From our experience, clients who struggle to complete implementation in 20 hours fit into two boxes: a) a complex company with many products or b) have encountered one of the roadblocks below. 

  • They don’t have the resources.
    The implementation does require your team’s effort. Without the considered time, money, or workforce to complete implementation, the project will stall, and ultimately your “go-live” date will be pushed further out than anticipated.
  • Take an extended amount of time to make a decision.
    We want you to feel confident and secure in making your investment into implementing your inventory management system, and we also know that time is of the essence. The clients who take a considerable amount of time to decide (3-6 months) after Step 2 – Tech Selection often outgrow that option by the time they are ready to implement. Due to outgrowth and a shift in business needs or wants, we have to do “re-discovery,” ultimately placing you back at Step 1 – Discovery.
  • There are communication delays internally and externally, preventing cohesive, synced communication deliveries to our team.
    Change management can be challenging for some clients. As they approach implementation, they begin to see the flaws in their internal communication around such large, intensive changes. Suppose your team has a hard time communicating internally. In that case, it ultimately translates into your team’s hard time communicating externally to us, essentially putting us on hold until we have the necessary information to move forward throughout this step. Ultimately this drags the process out much longer than wanted or needed. We support our clients who face this road-block by offering our dedicated project managers to hold your team accountable and support specialists who can assess any internal communication delays that you need assistance tackling. 

Clearinity observed many other companies go through an implementation before we began to offer our services. We understand the hurdles each business owner faces, and we provide direct solutions. We want to make this step of the process the most effective and efficient for you, that way you are saving your time and money while still scaling your business!