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Don’t Hit A Brick Wall

We offer support so you don’t hit a brick wall.

If you have ever invested in a new car or new tv, you probably have experienced being offered some kind of after-pay support such as a warranty or customer support phone number. After a large purchase, these companies support their customers because they know such a sizable transformational purchase can mean a new learning experience. They want you to receive the most value from your investment without hitting a brick wall of frustration. 

Here at Clearinity, we offer support, so you don’t hit a brick wall with your inventory management system. Our support model provides various ways for our clients to receive the highest value from their investment without the hang-ups of learning a new platform. One of the best ways you can ensure a successful post-implementation period is with our premium support model. 

Premium Support Vs. Basic Support 

Clearinity offers free basic support after any full-scale implementation with one of our preferred platforms. Our basic support features bode well for those looking to embrace the learning curve and have a highly technical team. The basic support offers answers to quick questions via email within a 24 to 48 hour response time. This support model doesn’t provide in-depth support around workflows or attaching other integrations to your new platform. 

While Basic is our standard offer, we just feel like we can provide so much more value in our premium model. We founded the “premium support “ model for our clients that we see needing some additional training or future integrations down the road. It’s quickly grown into a well-loved service we offer to many companies. 

Premium Support with Clearinity is pay-as-you-go. Don’t let pay-as-you-go scare you; our subscription model is not a use it or lose it subscription! If you don’t use all the hours, it rolls over to the next month. Premium Support means ensuring support WHENEVER you need it without the fuss of wondering if you can budget for it, wait for paperwork to be signed, or know there is a team that can even help you. 

We encourage all our participants to hop into premium support after implementation because, just like your favorite TV or Car, sometimes minor upgrades are a nice addition to the quality of life. It is also PERFECT for those looking to just hold their time in the future with us. Maybe you got through Discovery with our Team, and we recommended some things to clean up or perhaps integrate before we do a full-scale implementation with you. Premium support offers a place at the table with our team. Your team will get the help they need leading up to, during, and after this significant change. 

Additional Premium Support Offerings

While we offer additional training and integrations, we also provide other support roles as well. Perhaps you need support in your daily operations, such as a customer service manager or a purchasing manager. We can provide you with people to fill these roles and many others in our premium support packages. 

These essential roles often are necessary for teams that have grown in business maturity throughout implementation. We find that small teams that have honed their inventory management are often most successful with the addition of a fractional daily operations specialist. This level of support is excellent for teams that need a well-vetted individual and can’t commit to hiring a full-time employee to handle the additional work required to maintain your scaling business.

Additionally, these individuals can also offer report help or daily health checks to keep your books afloat and your mind at ease. That weight alone is often convincing enough for small business owners to invest in the premium support models. 

Ensure ultimate success with your inventory management system

Full-scale implementation is an investment just like buying a car or a brand new home audio system – it will need care and maintenance. Occasionally these investments need prep to ensure it’s the best investment for you. And sometimes, they will need minor upgrades. Premium Support allows that flexibility, whether it’s prep, maintenance, or upgrades. Ensure ultimate success with your inventory management system with a qualified, vetted team of tech specialists.