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Clearinity and White Labeled Services: CPA Edition

CPAs often ask Clearinity to white label services for them. We are flattered that each of these firms thinks of us when solving some of the most complex inventory problems! However, we can’t white label our services for that same reason. 

If you’re a CPA and looking for our help, that’s an indicator that the client is dealing with incredibly complex inventory problems.

We understand it is both an accounting issue and an operations issue. We work closely with our clients to train them during implementation, and we guide our implementations to set up workflows that help you, the CPA. 

So when we say it’s not you, it’s us – please forgive us but don’t forget us! 

Why we don’t do white label services

Like the age-old break-up quote, “It’s not you, it’s me,” “it’s not you, it’s us.” We are sorry to have to break it to you this way, and we want you to understand why “it’s us”! 

The complex inventory problems may appear to many CPAs like an accounting issue. This misalignment confuses clients and accounting firms equally. This is why we focus on operations first and foremost. We believe it serves the client and the accountant best this way. We group those complex inventory problems into three arenas people, process, and technology.  We value the true cost of ownership of an inventory management system. We also offer various other incentives that the CPA might not fully see as an operational value, such as training. 

We offer training that is invaluable to the users of the selected inventory management platform. This training empowers the team that uses this system daily, resulting in fewer questions, fewer mistakes, and ultimately fewer headaches for everyone involved. The problems that do arise later are easily identified and addressed. In addition, we provide a dedicated project manager to the teams for implementation and training. 

If you have ever experienced working on a large project with multiple people, you understand how hard it can be to keep everyone on task and working towards a similar vision. Ultimately, our dedicated project managers help keep all parties accountable and on track towards an efficient implementation. We also know that dedicated project managers help reduce the stress of the change management process. 

Lastly, we work with our clients to mitigate the overall changes to their workflows. Us merely doing the work for you won’t empower the client to see the problems that may ultimately be contributing to their accounting problems with inventory.

Ultimately, if a client cannot understand our perspective, they won’t be a good client. If an accounting organization cannot see the value in having a personalized process, they will not be a good partner. We know this from partnering with many accounting firms who have understood the value of superb operations and have seen firsthand the impact that Clearinity makes with their clients.

What We Can Do

You might be wondering, “What can we do then? Just send the client over to Clearinity?”

Well, yes, you can. One of the most creative ways we’ve seen this executed is for the trusted advisor company (accounting firm, etc.) to pay for Step 1 – Discovery to demonstrate the value and the commitment to the relationship. Then, the client understood the value and took on the expense of Steps 2 – 4. 

We want your client to go through our dedicated and personalized 4-Step Clearinity Process, but we also want you to feel supported as well.

We work alongside you and your client to keep everyone on the same page. Additionally, we can support your accounting firm as referral partners. We are always looking to expand our network within the ecommerce ecosystem, and occasionally we will have clients for you too! 

Look again; it really is not you. It’s us.

We hope you understand, and we look forward to working with you and your clients in new and inspiring ways!