What is Cloud Inventory Management?

Also known as IMS software, this tool seeks to centralize procurement, warehousing, inventory, and accounting data alike. We have a team of talented professionals who specialize in cloud-based IMS software, while you focus on scaling your business.

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Cloud Inventory Hub


Cloud-based inventory management systems rely on a new development paradigm, the "best of breed". The best of breed model allows integrations from several other tools, creating a holistic approach to unite various functions across different platforms.

Differences Between IMS & ERP

ERP Software, or Enterprise Resource Planning, is often thrown around alongside IMS, or Inventory Management Software. Though they both offer supply chain management, they are different in the approaches. 

ERP’s were magical decades ago because they were multiple “all-in-one” platforms designed to string together. Unfortunately, they have a little bit of everything to this day and offer no real focus on a single solution. That's why Clearinity specializes only in Inventory Management System Software implementation.

ERP versus IMS

Clearinity Supported Platforms

Our team understands that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to operational and inventory issues for any business. We always strive to remain technologically agnostic.

Here are some of the various inventory management system software we have experienced working on: