Ecommerce Business Discovery

Clearinity Process: Business Discovery

If you have ever sat down with a friend to have coffee where you get the opportunity to just talk about your business, you probably know the sense of relief you feel after being heard. It’s great to know that your struggles are validated and that they’re all normal. Those conversations can be immensely helpful in becoming reinvigorated and seeing new solutions to old problems. At Clearinity, we aim for our Discovery step to feel like walking away from a long conversation with a trusted advisor, mentor, or reliable friend.

The discovery of your business is our first step in the Clearinity Process. Discovery takes six to ten hours on average where you work with our dedicated discovery team. This is the step where you have deep conversations about all the highs and lows of your business. Our conversations focus on the people, processes, and technology that your company is using today. By doing this, we get to help you plan for the future by asking specific industry questions and giving high-quality consulting recommendations. We’re here to help you identify the things about your business that requires change and prioritization.

Why is discovery required?

Discovery isn’t optional and is required for all of our clients. We take your business concerns seriously, and we need you to as well. Investing in your business is essential for growth. Going through discovery is one way you can begin scaling your business sustainably and smartly. 

Discovery helps us provide solutions to your problems. And bear in mind that this step is more than just letting you walk away with a questionnaire and coming back to us with answers. Our discovery period is intentionally a long series of conversations because it allows you as the business owner to hear your day-to-day operations out loud, and allows your team to be heard. Through this process, our team also gets to observe your company multidimensionally. 

Not all problems are created equal 

As the business owner, you may be having one burning problem while your team may feel a completely different pain. In contrast, your team may feel a day-to-day pain that doesn’t bother you at all.  Our team helps suss through small details and through asking specific industry questions along the way to hone in on the right solutions. 

We have worked with over 350+ ecommerce companies in various product markets. Aside from that, we also have a team of experts who can help you save time and money when it comes to finding the right technology, process, and people solutions for your business. In addition to having the support of our team of experts, we nurture our peer and partner relationships so we can continuously provide you with a network that can offer you with additional solutions. Looking at our experience with various clients and industry partners, we understand that not all problems are created equal

Thus, requiring different approaches and efforts too. Our team of experts can help you understand places where there are gaps of knowledge and where prioritization is needed. This allows us to tackle all your questions and concerns the first time, saving you time and money in the long run.

Save Time & Money 

We can back that claim up too. Our Step 1 – Discovery process will avoid you sitting through hours of sales pitches, and implementing the wrong system that does not solve your problems. We’re here to even save you from hours of headache, to merely just train your team on a new platform. We want to be your advocate, your industry partner, and your go-to support solution provider. Our Step 1 – Discovery helps you find the answers the first time around, preventing burn-out and cash flow issues when you invest in inappropriate solutions.

Through the Clearinity Process, we also help turn over the rocks in your business that you may be avoiding. We get you talking about your business holistically, all while preparing you and your team for change. We can’t wait for you to join us for coffee and embark on growth hacking your business!