A small business consulting firm built on solving wicked problems.

Clearinity's Mission

Clearinity was started by Conrad Rohleder in early 2018. After working at a former accounting firm as a “Tech Sniper” and analyzing financials for hundreds of businesses, he saw a gap in the market to help business owners increase customer satisfaction, decrease manual data entry, and ultimately scale their business more sustainably.

Through using the strategic lens of People, Process, and Technology, Conrad was able to re-approach operational hurdles and inventory management challenges for high-volume ecommerce sellers. By offering change management consulting and inventory management system software implementation, Conrad and Clearinity were able to help build stronger, smarter business leaders who were able to scale their company seamlessly.

Clearinity serviced over 450 ecommerce companies through The Clearinity Process in order to assess and resolve issues in operations and inventory technology.

Philosophy & The Clearinity Process

When working with small to mid-size companies accounting and inventory data, Conrad was able to see a clear path to get business owners on board and through change management without the stress and strain that it normally causes a business when implementing software.

He crafted The Clearinity Process to help business owners inventory management system implementations solve the problems the companies are facing today, and also solve for the problems the companies face in the near future when they begin to scale.

Step 1


Discover your roadmap to technology change. Let us dive deep into your workflows and craft a holistic review on the best way to navigate massive changes in your business.

Step 2

Technology Selection

Skip the sales calls full of fluff- we don’t do that here! Our team of trained experts will walk you through everything you need to know, including your chosen software and working data.

Step 3

Implementation & Training

Our experienced and talented data techs will hold accountability to manage your data. With a dedicated Clearinity Project Manager for your business, you’re 101% sure your projects are kept on task!

Step 4

Documentation and Support

Don’t get left behind as you scale your business. Integrating your favorite IMS add-ons will feel like a walk in the park, as our Clearinity Premium Support provides you with all the nurturing you need. From consultation to team training, we got you!

Throughout implementation, Clearinity’s team trained and supported the client every step of the way so leadership and the team felt confident and capable of their workflows post implementation.

Today Conrad would like to continue to pursue building balanced leaders and encouraging collaborative cross-functional interactions. While he continues to pursue future endeavors, Conrad looks forward to connecting with leaders that are like minded to his situational and service oriented leadership models.

Special Thank You

Clearinity is pleased to have worked with several amazing businesses and dozens of wonderful contractors.

We would like to take a minute to thank those who have worked for us, with us, and by our side since 2018. Without you, we wouldn’t be able to get where we are today.

In addition to all those amazing professionals, we would like to thank our Clients who kept us striving to be the best! Thank you.

Looking to contact us?

We thank you for your interest and continued support.
Clearinity is no longer a fully staffed team, and our capacity is greatly reduced. We have enjoyed servicing our ecommerce clients and look forward to future endeavors!