Founder's Story

It's important to understand that many of the values you see in Clearinity’s team are not only from what Conrad, the founder, didn't want the company culture to be but also from the hope was that team members would also embody these values in their daily lives.

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Growing up on a farm and then having the privilege of attending university, instilled discipline, gratitude, and the ethical leadership you see in Clearinity’s values today.

As a lifelong learner, after graduating from university he went on to become an expert in his field which lead to the birth of the vision on Clearinity. A company that solves ecommerce complex inventory problems through inventory management software implementation and operation optimization.

Today, you see our origin story represented through the infinity symbol in our logo. The infinity symbol is a representation of the most complex problems in e-commerce and how they ultimately contribute to the problems in supply chain fulfillment and operations efficiency.


The infinity symbol you see represented is in fact broken. It was born from the pick, pack, ship workflows and the full "infinite cycle" of the supply chain. When broken, the operations become separated and processes are disconnected. That is where Clearinity has positioned itself to not only identify where your "break" is happening but how to create the most appropriate and fluid operations cycle for you and your business.

So far Clearinity has helped over 350 e-commerce businesses to date and continues to market towards larger e-commerce businesses.

The idea is to serve our client’s high-level technological implementation services, operational workflow consultation as well as data management while bringing human change management elements to it. Throughout our story and our work, you will hear " people, process, and technology" reiterated and expounded upon as we believe these three core areas are where we help with scale a business.

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