About Us


Our mission at Clearinity is to solve the most complex problems in ecommerce through:

  • Change management for people, processes, and technology
  • Process evolution for sustainable business growth
  • Inventory management technology


Clearinity is a team of tenacious leaders who believe in the power of innovation. We understand how people, process, and technology is the foundation of business sustainability. 

We empower our clients to understand their growth opportunities. By doing this, our clients can easily identify their operational inventory issues, making it easier to craft appropriate solutions to scale. We do what we do to bring back life to e-commerce entrepreneurs.

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Our values ensure how we fulfill our philosophy and mission statement. Clearinity is a company founded on five guiding principles:

  • Gratitude
  • Grit
  • Mastery
  • Ethical Leadership
  • Human

Our Team


Conrad Rohleder

CEO and Founder
Melissa Johns REVISED

Melissa Johns

Integrator, Director of OPs, and PM
Erin Byrski REVISED

Erin Byrski

Integrator,Director of Marketing, and Consultant

Mia Macajig

PM and Ops Manager
maricar canlasA

Maricar Canlas

Executive Assistant and Leads Manager
Tim CanlasA

Tim Canlas

DEAR Specialist

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Don Kendall

Cin7 & Inventory Planner Specialist
JR OrdinarioAB

JR Ordinario

Tech & Process Support