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Our mission at Clearinity is to solve  e-commerce’s most complex problems through:

  • Change management for people, processes, and technology
  • Process evolution
  • Inventory management technology


We believe good business practices start with people, processes, and technology. We know that sustainable businesses prioritize balance, tenacity, and execution to provide managed growth opportunities. Clearinity is committed to exemplifying both good and sustainable business practices to deliver quality, effective change management for our clients.

We dedicate ourselves to providing our clients empowerment and understanding of their operational inventory issues and finding appropriate solutions to continue to scale with ease. Our vision is to bring life back into e-commerce entrepreneurship by employing good, sustainable business practices and inventory management.

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Our values ensure how we fulfill our philosophy and mission statement. Clearinity is a company founded on five guiding principles:

  • Gratitude
  • Grit
  • Expert
  • Ethical Leadership
  • Human

Our Team

Conrad Rohleder REVISED

Conrad Rohleder

CEO and Founder
Melissa Johns REVISED

Melissa Johns

Integrator and PM

Mia Macajig

PM and Ops
maricar canlasA

Maricar Canlas

Executive Assistant and Leads Manager
Erin Byrski REVISED

Erin Byrski

Marketing, and Consultant
Martie De CastroA

Martie De Castro

Tim CanlasA

Tim Canlas

DEAR Specialist

Kylie RalstonA

Kylie Ralston

JR OrdinarioAB

J.R. Ordinario

SOP and Process Specialist
Brian GardnerA

Brian Gardner

Managed Services

Krista Shepard

Easy Insight Specialist and Managed Services

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