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A Quick Introduction To DEAR API 2022

Are you looking to connect your business operations and your inventory tools in one central location? DEAR offers one of the easiest API’s to connect your best-of-breed SaaS programs too. 

Today, we’ve created a resource that aims to share with you the best practices and considerations to connect to DEAR. We’re confident that these will serve as valuable information for those of you who want to learn about DEAR.

DEAR contains a Restful API and it works with JSON format cells. This allows for easy connection to your everyday applications for your business operations..

Why Go For DEAR Inventory?

If you’re one of the people who:

  • Wants to look at your data in a different way
  • Pull data from multiple sources and work centrally
  • Is a developer and wants to build an application into an integrated workflow

We’re here to tell you that DEAR is an effective solution to your business operations. As a cloud-based inventory management solution, it hosts all your data from multiple sources with an accessible and easy connect API. . DEAR not only helps you track your business inventory in real-time but can connect your favorite business intelligence software, accounting platforms, and more in one accessible location.

It is common for ecommerce business owners like you to push towards getting more out of your inventory, increase sales, and even reduce costs. DEAR allows you not only to do this but as well as update your prices in line with demand and communicate with your customers and staff so much easier.

Like an inventory system, it brings a strong emphasis on automation and ease of use. It works directly with distributors and dropshipping suppliers to help you create the ideal inventory management system for your business needs.

Your goal is to have a complete point-of-sale solution that provides you with real-time sales data, analysis of your sales information, and operational reports. 

DEAR For Financial Management 

Dear is a digital management system for small businesses that helps you manage inventory, Sales Orders, and Fulfilment. 

While DEAR central priority is to help with inventory and operations. DEAR can be also used in conjunction with your accounting platform to bring more clarity to your finances. DEAR offers reporting template features that allow you easy access to your sales and customer data.

Some of DEAR’s financial modules include managing open balances, bank reconciliation, and money tasks. You can read more on DEAR’s financial capabilities here.  

If you are a developer using API connections to get a financial module up and running, check out the latest field overview and guide here

The Bottomline

DEAR has created a beautiful environment for both developers and small business owners to create a best-of-breed inventory management system suited to their unique business needs. However, there are some items you will need to consider before moving forward and getting your integrations up and running.

We advocate for new DEAR users to get the training and consulting they need to understand how and where to pull data into their system. We also offer training for those users looking to buff up their knowledge on how DEAR’s API can make your operation connections smooth and easy.

It’s natural – you want to get up and running quickly and start pulling in data. 

However, there are some items you need to consider before you move forward:

  • Pass your Sales ID 
  • Specify which items you’ll pull in

Overall, Inventory Management APIs are both a blessing and a curse. They allow you to pack, pick, and ship without the hassle. Although, you need to be mindful about dealing with Sales IDs instead of SKUs. It’s your responsibility to send the right packing slips on the correct shipment. 

It’s about time that you enjoy the seamless process of creating your inventory updates with DEAR Inventory.