Month: August 2022

Katana OPO feature is different than other outsourced manufacturing models

Katana MRP releases a revolutionary OPO feature 

Katana MRP, a technology platform providing manufacturing businesses ERP-like solutions, has released a new feature called OPO or Outsourced Purchasing Order. This most recent feature takes a new look at how companies that have outsourced manufacturers can track their finished goods.  Katana’s new feature combines the finished goods production event with the purchase order in …

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api development

API Development 

Clearinity encounters companies that have unique workflows that fall outside the paradigms of the inventory management platforms they are implementing frequently.  These unique workflows create workarounds in the systems they use for inventory management and often need support with API development. This is where many of our stage 4, 5, and 6 ecommerce owners find …

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QR Code

Future Focused: SMBs using QR codes see more sustainable scaling

Ecommerce businesses are turning their attention to their packaging as ways to garnish new customers and improve operational cost efficiencies. While many use the opportunity to drive awareness towards their sustainability initiatives, few are utilizing QR codes.  QR Codes, or quick response code, is a matrix style barcode that was brought to the automotive industry …

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ERP image

The Mid Market ERP Dilemma 

Companies ranging from $10MM-$60MM aren’t adopting mid-market ERP software as fast as many implementers thought. What is even more confusing is the companies that are hesitant to buy into the mid market ERP space are the exact companies that need these platforms. We at Clearinity have heard the pushback firsthand from clients. Between the “we …

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