Month: February 2021

true cost of ownership giving away your dollars

Why The Total Cost of Ownership Really Does Matter

Why Total Cost of Ownership, or TCO, Matters. Many clients coming into the Clearinity Process have not had experience with ERP systems, cloud-based inventory systems, or sometimes even basic warehouse management systems. Other clients are coming to us after having had a horrible experience implementing their first system. If you’re a client like this (first …

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Graph showing KPI

KPI’s For Ecommerce

KPI’s for Ecommerce: Setting Yourself Apart from the Competitors  There are more eCommerce companies for consumers to choose from than ever before. How is your eCommerce business standing out and staying ahead of the competition?  Ecommerce sales have continued to skyrocket due to the pandemic and thus have increased strain on fulfillment cycles worldwide. This …

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Calculations to sell or buy a business

Consolidation of Ecommerce Businesses

Consolidation is Trending- What it means to you & your inventory 2020 has birthed more eCommerce businesses than any other prior year. While some of the newer enterprises have accelerated, others are experiencing slowdowns as they grapple with capital issues and product shipment delays due to the pandemic. In contrast, the more mature ecommerce businesses …

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