Cin7 – A Clearinity Review

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The Clearinity Review Format

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  • Bad notes are actively hurting ecommerce companies.

  • Good notes are actively helping the ecommerce industry by encouraging good best-practices or helping in some other way.

  • Final Thoughts are a long-form discussion on the company, it’s future, and overall impact on the industry.



  • A New Zealand Company

  • Highly customizable platform

  • Robust API support


  • Invoicing – Cin7 has some lovely workflows, but the actual invoicing procedures will only work for some companies. An additional bit of flexibility here could go a long way!


  • Long and difficult onboarding – This is bad for you (the seller who needs an inventory platform) as well as Cin7. There are too many settings and customizations available, and most sellers end up frustrated before they’ve truly finished onboarding.

  • Too many reports – There are a LOT of “default reports” that all have different logic, therefore resulting in different numbers. Be careful and ask LOTS of questions as you look through the reports!


  • Strong partnerships and support network – Cin7 was smart and realized that a flexible platform like theirs needs strong support, so they partnered with many other businesses to deliver the services your business will need. Do ask for help with onboarding or custom development!

  • A service-centered culture – Cin7 is great at removing poor practices and reinventing their team in order to deliver better service. This is the kind of attitude that will keep Cin7 relevant for a long time to come.


The team at Cin7 started with very intelligent software developers, and has transitioned over the last 3 years to being a service-centered team. Those same software developers are backing up the team just as much as before, and now they’re getting better at helping your company to onboard effectively and STAY on the platform with constant value-add.

The platform itself has a strong core that scales very well with all phases of your business – to the point where you may not want to ever convert to a full-scale ERP system. That, coupled with how customizable the platform is (you can rename, remove, or restructure settings like I’ve not seen in any other platform), you’re going to have to think very hard about moving away from Cin7.

However, all the strengths that make Cin7 so wonderful also become the “double-edged sword” for many sellers. It’s hard to stay on top of such an expansive platform, and even harder to learn it all “in-depth.” This is why Cin7 comes in at second place with a 7.5/10 in the “Bang for the Buck” score on our Ecommerce Apps page.

Cin7 is going to remain a strong player in the ecommerce inventory field, but they need to work on their onboarding and streamlining the app. Their strong partnerships and open API will keep them relevant, valuable, and useful as the market continues to change.

Here’s to hoping that your company will be the next 10+ year user of Cin7!