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This is Part 2 of 2 on WHY Clearinity exists and WHAT happens inside. Here’s the link to Part 1!

By now you know the motivation for why Clearinity started, but it’s been a process from Day One. Here is a summary of several case studies that informed the continued development:

One client I observed began implementing a cloud inventory for a complex business, but really just needed fundamentals. Fast-forward 14 months later, the client still wasn’t finding success on that platform due to mismatches between business and technical requirements. Another client I got to help had the initial implementation go well, but they didn’t fully understand the system until 6 months later. The last one I helped with is one I approached differently – I wanted to go all-in. We implemented most everything in a few days, and then I spent a few more fixing future expected problems. We had the work done in a week and the client had a deep understanding of the system by the end.

14 months versus 1 week – sweet!

So what does Clearinity do??

TL;DR – We do cloud inventory, and we do anything and everything that touches it.

We’re going to take this one step at a time. We know the big WHY for Conrad is problem-solving. A simple triangle can model this for us:


From here, a successful 1-week implementation depended on deep knowledge in 3 big areas. We’ll describe them here, and represent each as pillar of education in the picture below.

  • Business – This isn’t just business-for-the-sake-of-business, this is business at it’s highest form. Conrad’s life experience with over 100 entrepreneurs and his personal investment in learning from others allowed him to understand how businesses SHOULD run, and how they ACTUALLY run. 20 extra clicks per day could easily become an unnecessary hire, or result in bad financials.
  • Systems – Conrad’s understanding of systems started with Chemical Engineering (all about systems and how to scale them), but was formalized with real-life experiences. Systems go beyond the physical – it’s how people interact too! This affects how we learn, how we engage, and how we end up viewing success in business.
  • Technology – As a Millennial, Conrad is a digital native. However, his understanding of technology comes from his approach to systems, and allows him to find the structures that support the digital experiences we all love. This knowledge has saved a lot of stress in teaching others how we can make technology adapt to us instead of vice-versa.


With the ‘Big Why’ (Problem-solving) and the supporting knowledge base (the how), we can see the ‘what’ that Clearinity offers.

  • Coaching – This could also be considered ‘Advising’ or ‘Subject Matter Expert’, and is really just a fancy way to say, “Hey, you need a pro on your side, and I’d like to help your team make decisions faster.” This plays into how Clearinity helps ecommerce companies select the best technology for their business.
  • Implementation – ‘Implementation’ is a very inclusive term that includes aspects of situational leadership to help the team learn, digital expertise that helps everyone get the work done, and follow-up to make sure the solution actually solves the business problems. The main focus is on cloud inventory software to manage supply chain, fulfillment, and the accounting around it all.
  • Software Development – You’re busy running a business; learning how to manage engineers and technical requirements isn’t something that happens overnight. Clearinity is here to marry the needs of the business to the brilliance of engineers by getting everyone on the same page.
  • Documentation – Effective documentation is one of the most valuable, but least-utilized, resources we have today. Importantly, the documentation your business receives will pertain to how YOUR company runs the software and the processes. This documentation will be applicable to training future hires, selling your business, or generally sleeping better knowing that the institutional knowledge of your people has been benchmarked!


So where is Clearinity headed with this?

When this all comes together properly, entrepreneurs end up with happier staff, more time on their hands, and an accelerated growth cycle. They can get insights into numbers they never had, stop operational nightmares before they even begin, and generally organize their business in a way to support continued growth. Clearinity’s most important goal right now is to focus on the how to most efficiently help companies succeed before focusing on a high growth rate.

Let's bring this imagery full-circle now - Clearinity is focusing on building a strong house first; scaling and growth comes second!

Let’s bring this imagery full-circle now – Clearinity is focusing on building a strong house first; scaling and growth comes second!

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